Oh Shit, I’m Really Doing This…

Hey guys!

I’m Nicole, and this is my BRAND NEW blog, Pinebriated. I know it’s not much to look at yet, but hopefully with time it will get better!

So, I know you’ve all heard of Pinterest by now. On the off chance that you haven’t, here’s a short description: It’s a magical world of perfect hair, nails and bodies, perfect nutritious dinners, things to wear to the dinner plans you made because you spent all day pinning recipes, and crafts that look store bought. The “pinners,” are people like you and I who have high hopes of becoming the perfect (wealthy) domestic engineer using only a hot glue gun and a trip or two to Goodwill. A pinner will scroll endlessly through her feed, looking for “pins” to “repin” onto her “boards.” You’re supposed to think of it as a virtual bulletin board. So, when a pinner “repins” a “pin” it’s like making a copy of something you saw and loved on someone else’s bulletin board, and putting it on your own. You can have more than one board, and you can categorize them. For example, I have a board for yummy recipes, another for clothes I love, and yet another for funny pictures. I have 35 boards total, and over 7,000 pins! It’s not stopping any time soon 😉

So, what’s the point of Pinebriated? There are so many women out there who sit and stare at their pins thinking: “I’m never going to ACTUALLY do any of these things.” That may be because they don’t have enough time or don’t want to put in the effort to try to cook these recipes or make these crafts or try new workout routines just to have them not come out the way they were expecting. That’s where I come in! I’ll be the test subject that tries everything out, and I’ll let you know how it ended up for me.

Let me tell you right now:




I’m literally just a college kid. Everything I take on will be simple enough to do in my dorm room or my building’s main kitchen. I’m never going to throw a recipe at you that’s full of stuff you’ll need to hunt down at your local Bulgarian Organic Market. I don’t have the time or money for that, and I know you don’t either, so no worries! I know you and I are going to become great friends, and you’re going to love what you find on this blog 🙂 

Now, let me close with a quote coming directly from my “Words” board:

“Earth without art is just ‘eh.'”

Stay wonderful ♥



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