Custom Plate Design

Happy Sunday!

This craft has been on my list for a long time, but it just seemed kind of useless to me. It still is pretty much useless to me, but it was fun to make! It’s a make-your-own plate, using only a sharpie and a cheap dollar store plate. I got mine at Christmas Tree Shops, which is probably more expensive than the dollar store, but hey, it was on my mind. The things I do for my faithful readers.

Anyway, I decided to make it relevant by giving it an Autumn/Thanksgiving theme. Here’s a picture of the final product:


I thought it came out really adorable, aside from my weird mishap with the N and the K that I’m sure you can see. You see, I completely lack artistic ability. The dots were my idea, and that’s about as creative as I get. Dots. So what I ended up doing was tracing the “be thankful” from a font I found online. My art teacher in middle school showed us a cool technique for tracing that I actually ended up using here. Shout out to Mrs. Slotkin for teaching me something in middle school!

First, you have your template, like mine here. It’s just a simple piece of paper with the words I wanted typed on it. Don’t color it yet though!


Next, turn it over and trace it like the picture below. Press pretty hard with the pencil! I did it wrong the first time, because I traced it from the front, and then duh, it came out on the plate backwards. Then, I was online looking at ways to type backwards on the computer so I could print it backwards. My parents should probably save the college money for my sister.


After you trace the back, flip it back over and place it where you want it on your plate. NOW color it the way I did in the first picture. The pressure from coloring this side will press the tracings from the other side from the paper onto the plate. Now, you can trace THAT with your sharpies, and decorate your plate however you want!

You can skip that whole thing if you know how to draw.

Here comes the weird part. There’s always a weird part. The directions said to put it in the oven at 150 degrees for a half an hour, and the design would bake in. First of all, my oven wouldn’t go that low, so I did 170 degrees for 25 minutes. Second of all, when I took it out, I took a wet sponge to one of the dots to see if it worked, and it came right off! So I started looking at other people’s pins of the same project, and THERE’S A TYPO IN MY DIRECTIONS.

It’s supposed to be 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I’ll be trying that again as soon as I post this to see if that works better.

Anyway, four days until Halloween! Who’s pumped for candy and strangers ringing their doorbell? Definitely me. My Halloween was cancelled two years in a row due to those pesky natural disasters. My mom is a kindergarten teacher, and she said her students don’t even remember what Halloween is. Let’s pray that there’s no snowstorm, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, sharknado, etc. this year.

On that note, have a wonderful Halloween, dress like a slut, eat candy til you puke, but just make sure you don’t do anything that keeps you from being back here next Sunday morning for the next post 🙂

Stay wonderful ♥


PS- Here’s the top five pins!

dandelion gorgeous pin house pinquote pinshoes fashion pin tiger cute pin


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