Pumpkin Place Cards!

In reality this craft is in no way a “card,” but I was pretty sure you guys would know what I was talking about if I put it that way. We always have Thanksgiving at my house, and every year my mom and I try to do something cute to tell everyone where to sit. It’s not that they couldn’t figure it out by themselves, but we have fun with it. One year we glued pictures of our guests’ heads onto pictures of turkeys. This year, I found this craft on Pinterest:


It was inspired by a pin I saw that used this idea, but then when I clicked the link it took me to a blog, and once I finally found the post where she did this, it really only got me a link to where I could buy a kit. I didn’t want a kit. Where’s the fun in that? So I hunted around a little bit, and ended up finding a blog that did something extremely similar, just not pumpkin themed. The girl was doing some simple DIY decor for her apartment. When I pinned it to my “For the Blog” board on Pinterest, I put the link in the description to that final blog where I actually got the instructions.

SO…my available resources were rather sparse this week. I happened to have card stock because I bought a big pack of it a few weeks ago, but (oddly enough…) it wasn’t orange. Luckily, last year on a random trip to Michael’s I came across a simple 6 pack of washable paint, and I knew it would come in handy so I bought that too. Of course, there was no orange so I had to mix red and yellow. For future reference, it takes a whole lot more yellow than red to make a good orange. Clearly I have to go back to third grade art.

Why do you guys read my blog? I have zero clue what I’m doing.


Anyway, after I finally got an acceptable orange, I literally just painted full sheets of paper. I only did one side, and it worked out just fine. It probably actually worked better that way, because on the unpainted side I used a pencil to mark where I was going to cut, etc. It just basically looked like this:


I don’t think it has to be perfect. The streaks aren’t a problem at all, and it’s really hard to make sure there are none there anyway. Don’t worry about it. Then, after you let the paint dry, hold the paper horizontally (I believe the technical term when I was growing up was “hamburger” style versus “hot dog”) and cut the paper into strips about 1 inch wide. You should end up with about 11, but to make one pumpkin you only need 4. Cut those strips in half, and you should have 8 little ones.


Now, take your little strips and punch holes in both sides with a hole punch. Take a piece of string (I used green embroidery floss) and string it through both holes. To secure it, I just taped it down because it was easier than tying a knot big enough to cover the hole. Pull the string tight enough that the paper bends, making this shape in the picture below. I know this step is kind of confusing. I hope the picture helps.


It looks the same on the bottom as it does on the top, so don’t worry about that. Now just gently pull the strips apart, and you’ll have your round shape! It should look like this:


And now for the little leaf! It’s the most important because it’s the part that the name actually goes on. I just used a regular piece of paper for this part because I didn’t want to waste my card stock on such a little thing, but I did just wing the shape. I just drew a raindrop shape on a piece of paper, colored it with a LIGHT GREEN sharpie, and then cut it out. I emphasize LIGHT GREEN because the dark green was too dark and I couldn’t see the name at all. But before you put the name on it, punch a hole through the round side, not the pointy side. Then you can write the name on it. Then, with the slack that you have from the string, tie your leaf to your pumpkin. And that’s the final step! If you’d like, you can cut off the excess string. Here’s a picture of my leaf right before I put it on


Cute, right?! This one actually ended up breaking because there was so little room between the hole and the edge of the paper. I had to make a bigger leaf and hole punch it again with some more space.



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