Gobble Gobble!

Happy Friday, pinaholics!

I normally wait until Sunday to post, but I wanted to show you guys how my Thanksgiving crafts went over with my family yesterday! Starting on Sunday it’s going to be all Christmas all the time, so this had to be separate 🙂


This was my family’s adorable table on Wednesday night, complete with little pumpkin place cards that you guys now know how to make! My aunt wanted to bring hers home, claiming she still had some of the other cute ones we’d made, like the turkeys that I told you about. She’s too cute!


This was the pumpkin pie dip from a couple weeks ago. I arranged it so adorably, and yet it still didn’t exactly disappear 😦 I’m attributing it to the fact that we saved it to serve with dessert, and everyone was either full or more concerned with the traditional stuff like apple pies and pumpkin pies. Soon I might have to accept that this one was just not a winner. That’s okay, every recipe can’t turn out perfect I guess.


The cupcakes were a hit though! They were more so a hit for the cuteness factor than for the taste though. Fondant doesn’t taste very good. But this was their biggest fan, Lily 🙂 She said they were the best green beans she’s ever tasted, and I take that as a huge compliment!


Finally, this is my wonderful family enjoying our obnoxiously huge dinner. Two turkeys, somewhere in the area of 12 side dishes, and like 8 different desserts. We’re italian; we eat a lot. Don’t judge.

Anyway, I hope your day was filled with great food and great company. And if anyone went Black Friday shopping, I hope you stayed safe and got the best deals out there! Mostly though, I hope you gained as much weight as I did! Hehe, see you on Sunday for the first day of my 25 Days of Christmas Spectacular!




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