Day 3: Sprinkle Filled Ornament

Want me to show you the easiest thing you’re going to do all day today?


It’s this adorably festive ornament! Here’s what you need: Sprinkles and a plain ornament. Here’s what you do: pour the sprinkles in the plain ornament.


Well, not really. I mean yes, it’s done, but I’m not done talking 🙂

Note that this is a REALLY heavy ornament. I lied when I said it was done, because I actually added Gorilla Glue to the part of the ornament that opens. It was going to pop right off if I tried to hold it up without securing it somehow.

HAHA now everyone who didn’t want to listen to me talk more has a million little sprinkles all over their floor. Joke’s on you guys! Always read all the directions before starting a project 🙂

You can always substitute the rainbow sprinkles for more Christmas themed ones, like using only red and green or getting those ones that are shaped like Christmas trees and stars and things like that. If you’re getting to know me at all by now, you should probably know that I go for the cheapest materials. Doesn’t always work out for me, but that’s why I’m here: to be your test subject 🙂

Welp, that’s day three! I think I’m really done talking now. See you tomorrow!


Nicole ♥


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