Day 6: Peppermint Christmas Tree!

Today I took on a rather painful project.


It was seriously painful to not eat these mints. I love them so much. I’m that sneaky bitch who takes a whole handful at restaurants. Wanna know what I learned though? Shop Rite sells them by the bag, and sometimes they have specials where you can get two bags for $3 :O

But you actually need three bags. Actually you only need like six mints from the third bag which is so frustrating because GUESS WHO ONLY BOUGHT TWO BAGS?

But guess who was also really proud to be a sneaky bitch who takes a whole handful at restaurants 😉 I ended up scrounging up enough JUST enough to finish the project. I had one to spare, actually.

So, for today you’ll need a few things. Those Starlight mints, a cone shaped Styrofoam thingy from Michaels, and hot glue. Here’s a picture of my setup:


It was a little intimidating for me to start this one. There’s something that just seems so wrong about gluing food to Styrofoam. I got over it though, and once I did the first one I found a rhythm of unwrapping and gluing, unwrapping and gluing………

unwrapping and gluing……………………………………..

THEN after I got all the way to the top (this includes the hunt for floater mints around the house) I realized that the top looked really dumb. It just seemed to end really abruptly, and I couldn’t figure out what I’d done wrong to make it not look like the pin. Then I looked at the pin again:


AND I THOUGHT I WAS A SNEAKY BITCH! They oh-so-conveniently left the whole awkward top part out. So, I improvised and found myself a present bow to stick on top like a star at the top of a real tree 🙂 My version doesn’t look quite as polished as the original, clearly, but I still think it came out really cute. I wish I had a cute candlestick thing like they did, but I really think it looks fine without one. I guess it depends on how classy you’re trying to be, and a dorm room is not exactly the picture of sophistication. To bring that point home, let me show you really quick how I transported this creation back to school with me:


Ta-daaaa! Well, there’s day six for you. Sorry about the delay in posting. Hopefully days 7-25 go a little more smoothly, but eeehh I can’t make any promises. I’ve always been the kind of person who gets really excited about a new endeavor and then is disheartened and frustrated 30 seconds later.

Obviously that would never happen here. I’m patting myself on the back right now for ending this post on a high note.

Wait! I have a high note: HAPPY FRIDAY! Now that’s how you end a blog post.

Love always,

Nicole ♥


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