Day 7: “Snow Covered” Ornament

Hi guys! For day seven I definitely decided to put my own spin on an ornament idea I found. Let’s play my favorite game of: Guess Which One is Mine and Which One is Pinterest’s:

Image Image

Well let me tell you why this failure happened. What you need for this project is a plain ornament, some Christmas ribbon, and something resembling pretty, sparkly snow.

All I had was the ornament.

Well, I had green ribbon and some sugar. And a red sharpie. So, I got some Elmer’s Glue and painted it onto half of the ornament. Then I used my green ribbon and wrapped it around the ornament on an angle like in the picture, and dipped the rest in sugar. On the little cap thing, I tried to use red paint, but the kind of paint I had just seemed to kind of evaporate into thin air when I put it on…? I used a red sharpie to give it more of a Christmas feel, but I don’t think it worked.

What I wish I had done was waited until I went home and had Epsom Salt and sparkles, like I used for the mason jar project and the cupcake ornament. It would’ve looked much more realistic and much less like I dropped my ornament in a bowl of sugar. If you take on this project, I would do it that way instead of doing what I did.

I realize I’m still a day behind. I’m about to start writing Day 8 right now! Come back in a little while for another craft 🙂


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