Day 12: Paper Snowflakes!

Paper snowflakes are a mark of the season. Stores have them in their windows, they’re a great craft for kids, and I also happen to know that they look great hanging from dorm ceilings all winter long 🙂

I’m going to show you a bunch of different snowflakes that I found on Pinterest, but to make the process easier, I found this great picture on that explains how to fold your piece of paper. So simple! You can use printer paper, but cut it so that it’s square.

Instructions to make paper snowflakes

Again, this is from I didn’t get permission to use this, so I’m just gonna give them as much credit as possible and hope that’s not bad…

I’m gonna show you four of my favorite snowflake pin attempts, and let me tell you: they’re gorgeous, but none of them look anything like the snowflakes I was trying to make. But the great thing about this craft is that you can do literally whatever you want, and the end result will always be beautiful. Here’s the design for the first one:


Just cut it similarly to the way that I did it, and you’ll get a similar result. Remember: no two snowflakes look exactly alike 🙂 If you do that, you should get something like this:


And if you do this:


you’ll get this:


Here’s the third design:


and here’s that result:


And here comes my personal favorite. It was a little crazy to have to cut it all out, but it’s seriously amazing and it was worth it 🙂 If you have the patience for this:


You get this :


Can you believe the things you can make with printer paper and scissors? Incredible! I’m almost caught up on my posts now, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it to the store for white chocolate before the storm starts, but if not, I’m leaving you a cliffhanger 😉 “What else can she do with white chocolate?!” Oh, so much. Talk to you ASAP!




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