Day 13: Paper Bows!

I totally forgot! I have one more craft that I can do to catch myself up, and then you might be really screwed out of posts for a couple of days. But at least I’ll be caught up until tomorrow!

This might be one of the easiest things you’ve done all day, and it’s a really cool alternative to those ridiculously expensive gift bows. I bought some so I could put them on my wall art in my dorm to make them look like presents for the holidays. THEY WERE LIKE $3 EACH AND I NEEDED FOUR 😡 Granted I was buying them from my astronomically priced school bookstore, but still. $3 is a lot of money when you could be making these cute little paper bows for free:

How to make a paper bow | How About Orange

The woman who writes this super cute blog called How About Orange made this really easy by making a PDF template that you can use. Here’s the link:

All you have to do is print it and color it in any color you choose. I’m live crafting again, and I’m gonna color mine purple. Mostly because I like purple but partially because that’s the only colored pencil that I happen to be able to see from where I’m sitting.


Who taught me to color in the lines?? It’s okay if your coloring is messy; you’re just going to cut it out anyway. Hopefully your cutting skills are better than your coloring skills though. When I cut out the big piece, my sister was in the room and I said to her: “This looks kind of like a bra.” And she goes “I think it looks more like a mustache.” and she proceeded to prove it to me, quite well in fact.

IMG_2360[1] IMG_2358[1] IMG_2354[1]

God, she’s so camera shy. Anyway, once all of your pieces are cut out, you’ll need a glue stick, or any kind of glue really. You lay the pointy piece flat, and curl the mustache piece like this, securing it with the glue:


Then, you glue the curled piece to the flat piece with a little dab of glue in the center. It should look like this:


Finally, use your tiny little last piece to cover up the little messy-looking middle part. The final product should look like this!


Tadaaaa! Now you have a super cute way to make your presents stand out from everyone else’s! My presents are all currently in transit because I got them all online, so I put my bow on my computer 🙂 And look at the bowception you’re getting in this picture:


Well that’s actually it for the night. I’m really not posting anymore things. I’m sorry to the people who got like, four e-mails today about my blog posts, but I hope you’re happy that I’m all caught up for a little while! Talk to you soon,


Nicole ♥


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