Day 14: Peppermint Popcorn!

Hi guys! So even though the snow started earlier than expected this morning, I have an excellent mommy who didn’t mind driving in it 😉 Not only did I get the white chocolate I needed, I also got Dunkin which is aaaalways a good thing! So, since I had everything I needed including a fix of my very favorite drug, you guys get a blog post about peppermint white chocolate popcorn.
You’ll need:
Popcorn- I chose sea salt popcorn instead of a more buttery one, but I guess that’s a personal preference. I like buttery popcorn but I thought salty would go better with this.
White chocolate chips- again, I chose the Nestle over the Ghirardelli because it was cheaper.
Peppermint extract- I don’t know if this actually exists, because I searched my grocery store on like three separate days, and for the first time today I happened to find mint extract. I’m not sure if that’s the same thing, but it was close!
Crushed candy cane- crush it however you choose and keep aspirin on hand for the impending headache. Unless of course you have a quieter method than pounding it with a glue stick.

I got my hands pretty messy with this project. First, I popped the popcorn and got rid of as many unpopped kernels as possible. Then, I melted my white chocolate chips. Make sure that you do it in small time increments. I did one minute and then stirred, and then another full minute. The second time, it came out harder than the first time, because I think it kind of burnt a little. So try 30 second increments instead of a full minute until they’re completely melted.
After that, mix in a couple drops of your (pepper)mint extract. Then, you just dump it into your bowl of popcorn and get messy! Mix it up with your hands until you look like this:

So once your chocolate is all mixed with your popcorn, the last step is to add your crushed candy cane! I strongly suggest using a lot of it, because I didn’t really like the taste of the mint extract.
As quoted by my mom: “it tastes like you got toothpaste in your popcorn.”
However, the peppermint of the candy cane is a lot sweeter than the regular mint extract, and it adds a little something that it needed. I think that if there is such a thing as peppermint extract, you should definitely use that instead of plain mint. Here’s my final product:

So there you go! Like many of my recipes, I have yet to decide whether it not it was a fail. I guess that’s up to you! If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!



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