Day 15: Peppermint White Chocolate PRETZELS

Can you tell that I’m a fan of white chocolate and peppermint yet? I know that I really should do something with gingerbread, but I just cannot stand gingerbread. Sorry 😛
So I was inspired to do this by a pin that a saw with regular shaped pretzels. It’s the same recipe, just much easier and less messy. All you have to do is this:
Melt your white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl.
Crush some candy canes. I’ve been having a lot of trouble doing this since I don’t have a food processor. Yesterday I did it with a glue stick. Today I tried that again, but I got frustrated and tried using an encyclopedia

When that wasn’t working and I was destroying the back of the book, my mom had an idea.

Of course, wine solves all problems. It worked perfectly!
After that, take pretzel rods and dip them in your melted chocolate, then roll them in the candy cane. That’s it! So easy and so delicious. It was a favorite in my house 🙂 Here’s a picture of the final product!

See you tomorrow for something new!


One thought on “Day 15: Peppermint White Chocolate PRETZELS

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