Day 17: Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

In other words: melted chocolate chips plus milk and red food coloring. Very easy, also very pointless. But it did look really cute in the end if you wanna take a look:

If you’re still reading after my oh-so-convincing intro, here’s how this happened. All you need is milk, semi sweet chocolate chips, sugar, vanilla extract and red food coloring. And a whisk and a saucepan. If you follow the recipe that can be found on my Pinterest board (as always for those who weren’t aware…all of the projects that I take on are pinned on my Pinterest board called “For the Blog” and the link to my Pinterest can be found on my “Meet the Blogger” page) you’ll find that it serves five. I cut the recipe in half, and that half of a recipe served maaaybe two. Maybe I had an extra large mug; I don’t know. Either way, here’s what I did:
I put the milk and sugar in the saucepan. My first question: how am I supposed to know when the sugar is dissolved in the milk? I just stirred a lot and hoped for the best.
Then you’re supposed to turn off the heat on the stove and melt the chocolate in the mixture.
How am I supposed to melt the chocolate if the heat is off? I understand that the milk should be hot by this point, but not hot enough to completely liquefy five ounces of chocolate. I kept the heat on, just very low and with constant stirring while it melted.
Then you add the vanilla and the food coloring. Turns out, I didn’t have enough food coloring, so mine turned into some kind of odd purplish color.

Honestly, it doesn’t even look all that purple, either. If I didn’t know that there was supposed to be dye in it, I probably wouldn’t question it.
Anyway, then I just poured it into a cute little (or apparently not so little) mug and added whipped cream. I didn’t make my own like the recipe suggested, because I already had reddi whip in the fridge and I’m lazy. I tasted it, and it was EXTREMELY rich. All I could taste was the semi sweet chocolate, and it was too much for me personally. I’m sure that’s exactly what some people want, but I’m used to Swiss Miss powder mixed with water. I also didn’t use whole milk as the recipe said; I used 1%. I don’t know if that could have had anything to do with it.
Anyway, I have an announcement! It’s true that this blog is essentially a series of unfortunate events, but some of my projects have come out really well, and most if not all of my recipes fail simply because I suck. It is for these reasons that I’ve decided to start selling some of the better crafts in my Etsy store! Right now the only one available is the map craft, and you can personalize it with your own cities. However, if people like the idea, I may add more products!
I hope you’re having a great week-before-Christmas! I’ll see you tomorrow.


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