Day 18: Christmas Tree Meringue

Well, I learned a few things today while trying to create this:

Christmas Tree Meringues

1. How to separate an egg– WkiHow has several methods. One of them was to use a funnel because the yolk will stay and the white will drip through. This is true, but only if the yolk doesn’t block the hole WHICH ALWAYS HAPPENS. There’s a better method, and it’s to break the egg shell in half, or as close to half as possible. Keep transferring the egg from one side to the other until all of the white has dripped out into a bowl underneath you. You need a bigger bowl than you think you do, because two egg whites fluffs up A LOT when you start beating it with an electric mixer.

2. “Meringue” is a fancy, french-sounding word for fluffy egg white and sugar- Once you’ve beaten two the eggs literally to death, you start gradually adding “finely granulated sugar.” I thought that meant confectioner’s sugar, so that’s what I used. I don’t really know if that’s what it means. Then you add half a teaspoon of green food coloring for the Christmas tree color. After you beat the eggs, they’ve already expanded to fill a lot more of the bowl than I thought they would. When you start mixing in the sugar, it just changes from a bubbly light consistency to a thick paste. The directions said to keep going until it forms “peaks” that are solid. I don’t know what that means, and my hand was getting tired, so I decided that I saw solid peaks and moved on to the next step. Mine looked like this, but I think that it’s not supposed to look like that. I can’t tell you what the right way is, honestly.


3. When they say you need a piping bag, they’re not lying- The next step was to transfer the mixture into a piping bag. Well, if I knew I needed a piping bag I probably wouldn’t have even taken on this recipe because I don’t own one. Or maybe I could’ve gotten one while I was at Michaels like an HOUR before I started this project. I plowed through this dilemma though, and used a Ziploc bag as a piping bag. I just cut a hole in the corner. Then I read on and found out that it was supposed to be a star shaped hole. I said “screw it” and started piping. This is my piping bag:


4. Meringue is a pointless, irritating recipe- Well, maybe all of those things that I neglected or changed turned out to be important, because when I tried to start piping out my cute little Christmas trees, I got this:


Beautiful, right? I missed my calling as a chef, I think. I didn’t even bake it, although if you want to try, you need to do it at 250 degrees F for 45 minutes to an hour. Although I’m telling you now that apparently you need to be a talented baker to pull this off. Oh well, better luck on my next recipe.

That’s a wrap for day 18, (no pun intended but…wrap…hah…like wrapped presents…) so I’ll see you tomorrow!


Nicole ♥


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